Monday 14 March 2011

Stacked and ready to go

So I have done it!!!! ( with a little help from my friends)
The work is wrapped, stacked and packed! The framed stuff is at least a metre high and I have a good twenty odd unframed options - for those who like to choose their frame to match the space.
I'm tired, I have paper cuts and my beloved computer nearly didn't last the night. But I'm so ready now!
With a comments book - Woo
Press Release - Woo
and if my luck holds out they with all get there in one piece! Triple Woooo


  1. I saw the exhibition yesterday and I thought it was excellent. I plan to return to make some purchases. Everyone should hot foot down to the Orange Tree and while you are there I have heard the play that is on is pretty good too.

    Well done Creative Fox!!!

  2. Hot foot it indeed!
    One bird has flown already. Thank for the support and so glad you liked it
    x Foxy