Thursday 19 July 2012

Not The Blues But The Mean Reds

I have been experiencing a little bit of creative block or rather lack of creative flow. In looking on the Internet (a source of eternal wisdom, pessimistic diagnosis and general guff) I found a few places that discuss creative block. my favourite was an American site that offered 14 ways to end the block.
 It's jolly ideas to keep a journal of images and go visit pensioners and draw about their experiences did give me some thoughts but is was another page that lead me all the way to Hemingway's attributed "Write what you know theory" or draw what you know in my case.
Mostly the only thing I know at the moment is I HAVE A CREATIVE BLOCK. So here goes brooding, maudlin pictures on the state of oh well everything. So shrug your shoulders and fight the urge to climb back into bed. You will be in good company and it might even lead me back to the light.

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