Tuesday 26 April 2011

So the city that never sleeps

I was there for 5 days and I felt like an ant for 60% of the time. It’s a cliché but the buildings are so big. My hotel room was on 34th floor – not your average Travel Inn! With a view of the Empire State Building! It was amazing!!

The Hudson River cruise to see lady liberty has to be one of my favourites, the weather was windy but it didn’t put me off snapping my camera and listening to the tour guide promoting himself and all the famous landmarks.

The shops were fantastic, not so much the department stores because they all look like Debenhams to me. Check out the independent clothing stores if you can find them, oh and the designer ones. I mainly looked at the extravagant displays but it’s a start eh? The tacky souvenir shops are brilliant. Everything with diamantes but don’t forget the tax at the till.
My tips for anyone thinking of going

Get a central hotel, it all works on a grid and the more central you are the more you can see on foot.

Say thank you to people – Tourists on the whole must be a thoughtless lot because the look of shock on an average New Yorkers face when you say thank you is worth its weight in gold.

Look up – someone said it to me just before I left and it’s so true. The buildings, the skyline, the mad pigeon trying to make a nest or granny New Yorker hanging her smalls, it’s all fascinating stuff.

EAT THE CAKE! - At least one variety a day. They are so good. Blow the diet and eat that Red Velvet cake, the New York cheesecake and don’t forget the buttermilk pancakes. Eat them All

Now I’m no seasoned traveller but already I’m saving my pennies to get back on that plane. So much I missed and so much I want to see again.

x Foxy

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