Monday 16 June 2014

Childrens Book Illustration - Stage 1

This is a project that started earlier this year and one that I’m really excited about. The story is excellent and in rhymes which the long time sufferers of my poetry will know I Love. The writer is great and we get on really well. Like many projects between two artists the details take time to work out so I’m at Stage One. 
Stage one being the part where we have met, looked at the wordage and started to respond to the many aspects and look at the characters. I'm not going to tell you much about the story, its not my story to tell, but I’ll give you a clue on the process ,as I learn myself, to see if it may help anyone else out there who is developing a new idea for print.

So far everything is in sketch form in my workbook or on trace paper, which I tend to use if I need to go over the drawings numerous times. The characters have to look like themselves from every angle and for me drawing something twice, never mind numerous times, requires concentration. I’m not going to say the process is quick, in fact some days you can't tell I’ve moved forward at all, but once I start some locations these characters will be ready to be placed.

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