Monday 16 May 2011

Cycle......On your bike

So in true Creative Fox style I was wondering in a beautiful area of countryside when I happened upon a collection of crafty looking shops. Not being the sort of person to shy away from a new source of craftyness I went for a look see. The last one in the row was Not a Craft shop but a super exciting Bespoke Bike Shop!! With , and here's the truly exciting bit for me, a blank wall! Being timid and shy I phoned the owner and what do you know they might be interested in some art for their walls, for people to view whilst waiting for their cycling goodies and maybe even purchase if they fell in love.

So here's me, all excited, and starting a new range of Bikey pictures with a view, if they like them, to be displayed in this Ultra Cool Bike Shop.

Oh Yeah, feeling please with myself, may do a dance!!

So you, faithful viewers, shall get a peek at the sketchbook ideas for the Cycle Critters ( may need a better name!) first. Hope you like
X Foxy

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