Monday 22 April 2013

Sophie's Tip 3 and 4

Top Tip time again, well if I'm honest well overdue tip time! Life has been quite a whirlwind

Tip 3

Set yourself little targets whilst running


Pick up the pace for the next 4 lampposts
Sprint to that postbox
Keep going to the next hedge
Run fast past the houses of people that you know (I made that one up)

It's a great tip
I have a tendency to start really well and slow down after about 5 minutes, I don't know about you but the hotter I get the more I want a taxi to pull over and say "jump in love you're needed at home" where I would open a box of chocs and put my feet up. After realising a, you have to call a taxi for it to come and b, this was never going to happen you get used to having to get to the end but the END of a run being the most important thing for so many weeks of training I didn't realise you could do bits faster or slower, like on purpose!

Tip 4

Keep your heart rate up

Simple, I love it

She says" particularly when interval training keep your heart rate high, you don't have to power walk just don't dawdle"

Dawdle! Anyone who has kids, particularly toddlers knows about dawdling and yes I could be a champion at it. I prefer a meander, stroll, sloth travel or shuffle but YES she is right when training keep going even if you have slowed right down, try to keep your heart rate up.

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