Saturday 3 December 2016

Santa Posters for Little Angels Theatre

If you are not a Christmas fan - look away now!
I was asked to do some work related Christmas themed posters ready for a performance at Little Angels Theatre in North London. I used to be a North Londoner myself briefly so I knew of their great work with puppetry and their community. 
The theme was 1940's, warehouse, vintage but not cutesy
Here are a few used in the show and scroll to the bottom if you want to see a bit of work in progress imagery. 

I began with a colour palette, I often us these so a group of images work well together. The colours are taken directly from photos of the Santa puppet and the colours of the Elves. 

I decided on ink for this project to keep the crisp lines for colouring but wanted a bit of depth with the painted shading. I was going to use the elf standing but felt it cut into the lettering's space. 

Mr Santa was drawn directly from a photo, I'm sure the puppet maker had thought long and hard about his lovely face and wanted to get a true representation. Ahhhh Christmas. 

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