Thursday 27 January 2011

New Possibilities

So Today has been the day for new possibilites.

A conversation with an old friend and a lunchtime wandering into a pub has led to some interesting musings of where else to get my work out.
As you might have heard me rabble on about my work is coming thick and fast and before I run out of useable space in my little abode I need to get it out into the world.
The next exhibition is being finialsed with the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond for mid March. LOOK HERE SOON FOR DATES! I've been thinking more about getting my characters seen and hopefully(crossed fingers and pleading pity dance) SOLD and low and behold two lovely Guildford venues were being discussed at coffee time. So thanks for the tip and maybe they might be an oppertunity for my nearest and dearest local fans to see it all up close.
Until then I leave you with some new ones

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