Friday 5 May 2017

Black and white Illustrations

When you have boxes and boxes of paint, crayons, inks, pastels, felt tips and glitter glue in every colour imaginable, why would you work in black and white?
Colour is so much more fun and lets face it black and white is hard!
But most illustrations in books are black and white so not to include some in your portfolio is limiting the types of clients who look at your work. 
During #inktober last year I identified I could use a little more time on the subject and created a drawing everyday with black ink and wash. Which then led to my current work, whilst I can't yet tell you all about, drawing dogs in black and white (SO MANY DOGS)
I wouldn't by any means say I am an expert in this field. I'm actually going to a class on the subject tomorrow to figure out how to strengthen my monochrome skills. Never stop learning hey?
After starting this year with the goal to improve on my portfolio that was fairly well received last year there is no way I can't include more black and white pieces.  I started with this one, because, well ...unicorns!

So, excuse me while I only sharpen my black coloured pencil for a while. 

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  1. The article was not only a good read but very insightful. I have a query though. How would you target a niche where there are not many blogs and those that are there are not kept up to date and have a low/very niche readership? Any tips would be gratefully received.