Tuesday 7 June 2011

A Uniqueness to Prints

As you know I have been playing around with images on the computer recently. I've found a really nice programme I can settle down with and was given the blessed opportunity to play with an I Pad. So out came the images thick and fast and I can use colour without the burden of paying for the different coloured ink, inking it in and not liking it. Genius!

But what happens if someone likes the picture. Sure I want people to like my stuff and god forbid buy it but I don't do prints! Do I?

With computer generated images you have to do prints right? Well yes but I thought maybe that shouldn't be the end of it. I was thinking about black and white photos that have been hand coloured, you know pre 1900 why couldn't I hand ink prints.
Why? Well they would still be unique, I'd only create one of each and you'd get that lovely embossed like finish to the image.

So take a look

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