Tuesday 1 March 2011

March Mayhem

Spring and has defiantly not sprung but the workload has indeed exploded.

Exhibition number 1 in The Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond is a go go, Opening 16th March untill 23rd April. With frames to find and biogs to write and press releases and wrapping and labeling and and AND AND

It's time to contemplate Exhibition Number 2 in Guildford. No I'm not naming the venue yet before I have a date for the opening but it should be a four week run and hopefully if I get my bottom into gear I'll have a New Collection of Tea Ladies with prints starting from £10 ( I'd say that was stealing) just now contracts to look at, wrapping, labeling, Tea ladies story to write and and ANDDD

Cuppa Tea?

That will do nicely and after that I'm going to gently pick up the pieces of my brain and sort them into colour order.

x Foxy

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