Thursday 14 May 2015

Aunt and Niece drawings - Dear Lottie

mum and daughter sketchbook
A while ago I was asked to collaborate with the writer of a lovely blog to update her imagery on her site. The sweet blog gives advice from an aunt to a niece and the artwork needed to reflect that connection.
mum and daughter sketchbookThinking of all the things I do with my own daughter that give us moments of each other’s personalities was really great. Particularly when she was just learning something or developing her own sense of self when she was little. Those looks of uncertainty she used to give me before she jumped the pool and the happy moments of reading together.
This project has come at a very good time with her now reaching 11 and although her needs are more practical from me she still gives me those "I know you are there looks" and I have to laugh.

Kids eh?
The final pictures were a pleasure to complete in my usual pencil and scanned water colour style with arrangement in Photoshop.

mum and duaghter reading

mum and duaghter swimming

mum and daughter flying
Auntie Spudge's life lessons
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Good luck for the Blog 
Auntie Spudge

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