Friday 13 May 2011

The Stoke, spot of gaffa, fishing line, tassels and ....Done

So it's in, done and up
And first of all I have to thank Tommy Tickle, Janey Wolf and Katie Source who helped me get ready and put together the exhibition at The Stoke. I could have done it on my own but let's face it, it's much better with friends. Thanks chaps your the best x

The beautiful location of this gorgeous pub really made for a stunning backdrop for the Black and white images of my drawings. The birds popped, the people dazzled and those cheeky little Tea Ladies felt right at home. I've been collecting ribbon, trim and all kinds of oddities for years to use for an occasion such as this. So with a ready staple gun and some weathered hangers I set out to make a welcoming space for art - not one of those stuff galleries, more home from home. I have to say blushingly it looked ok, well kinda good, almost great and for those who know me that's major self praise.

So here it is


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