Friday 17 June 2011

Go Stevie Go

Sometimes you wake up and find something and think gosh
Well today was one of those things.
This is Stevie's first ever post for her New Blog Open Spaces. So give her a chance, give it a read and check out who's been given a little mention. So pleased and good luck Stevie
As it rains.
After wanting to write a blog for a while, but not knowing what to blog about, I thought I'd bite the bullet and just start writing and see what comes out...

Guess I want to dedicate this first blog to CPL for giving me these Open Spaces to write in and to for having such a great blog that it urged me to create one of my own.

I work in a school and often come across strange objects that have been thrust into my pockets, today's was a half eaten apple. Yesterday was a carrot wrapped in tissue and Monday's was a tooth in an envelope. These items are always from the same person.
Am I his rubbish bin or his nest?

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