Tuesday 21 June 2011

Rosie Lea

Rosie Lea
The Queen of the Tea Ladies and the start of the
New Series of Bathing Tea Ladies
My Collection of Tea Ladies at the Keystone and online was met with the extraordinary stampede for my one and only Bathing Tea Lady. I fact I went out one morning to purchase the little lady for a friend who "just had to have it" and the very same morning another had snapped it up! Weeks later I was still having people contact me about that image.

Must of struck a cord? I can say it did with me, the overwhelming thought of sinking into a hot cup of tea, eyes closed, toes uncurling at the end of a day.

So with that in mind at my next event (the biggest so far) I will be unveiling not one, not two, not three but ten bathing tea ladies in various poses not duplicated from the original but originals in their own right. These Tea Ladies will be on sale at The Stoke Pub from that night on until the end of the exhibition (4th August)

So you fancy getting a sneak peek well FORGET IT.
Come and see them for yourselves

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