Monday 18 July 2011

One Year On

This Month in Sales

One Year on from starting the drawing madness and things have changed a little, still addicted to the old sketchbook, but also twiddling on a borrowed I pad and printing ink and sewing. The whole thing's just expanded in a thousand different ways and sometimes I have to admit it's hard to keep track. So here is a brief update of where I've been and what I've been doing this month.
I Pad Doodles
On the theme of my hilarious granparents and all the sorts of chuckles I heard in my youth I developed these images. And with the genius of the I pad you can flit and change colours and rub it out and change your mind, so for me it's awesome. But I have to admit it I miss my pens. I will eventually print the images off and add detail in Ink  to increase their northern look. But for now you can see them raw. 

Also, would you believe I have been working on some video stuff. I have been told (thank you Mr Kercal) about a different Software programme that offers you a play version of your image and shows how it has been drawn. And when I figure out how to get that on here I'll be showing you that.

This month I have also been to the launch of the New Wyndymilla HQ, with all their snazzy bikes and now all my snazzy bike pictures. Had a bit of interest in the Pink Wonders and I think secretly the owners are hoping none of them sell so they can keep thier display.

And I had my very own glamous event where I sold a fair few and spoke to the delights of owners of apencilfulloflead , a little outfit specialised in reworked vintage furniture and handmade accessories, and lovely they were too! We chatted about art and I tried out my serious art face!! not very convincing.

And finally I've PR'd my little socks off. I've been door to door marketing, emailing journalist, advertising the exhibition, making posters, arranging meetings, sorting out next years calender, drawing up christmas cards (yes I know too soon) but life is at a break neck speed and maybe all the responses from the various avenues haven't been great, but you never know when something else will pop up in your inbox.

So that's me! Ever hopeful, still going after a year

Creative Fox 

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