Wednesday 18 January 2012

Hang My head in Shame


"Sorry, I know I should have called or text"
"or written a note"

"I've been busy"
"NO! I haven't been blogging for someone else!"

This month, I think everyone has been experiencing that slow movement towards normal, non Christmas, life when you have to relearn the what day it is? actually start using your presents or do your tax return ( shut up Moira!)

Well, at Creative Fox we have been busy with life but also sketching new ideas for  the the next exhibition. Themes I'm toying with - Fairy Tales, Unspoken Truths and /or Circus.
And whether it may be people or birds I'll endevour to keep the spirit of the "whimsy air" for all of my drawings.

I leave you (not for long) with this little critique of one of my drawings, Because everyone needs a bit of feedback sometimes!

"the expressions are so poignant yet you convey that in just a few carefully placed lines - and the balance of one looking up and one down, with the words, it has a lovely movement, the up and downs of the emotions are really clearly expressed. I love that song by Joni Mitchell, fantastic Epiphany illustration, absolutely love it." Sam Parr

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