Tuesday 13 March 2012

Pour Yourself a Cup of Ambition - The OT 2012

This year at The Orange Tree Theatre Creative Fox has something for everyone. The much loved Bathing Tea Ladies are blooming with a few new counterparts, a Tea Scape from the Song 9 to 5 entitled What a way to make a living! If only I could find a job where I drank tea all day and nothing else....sigh.
Also, we have some fairytale themed images Released to my Facebook page early this year now with their first time on sale - so check out raven haired Rapunzel and the wispy mermaid perfect for those bare walls that need a bit of fantasy.


And here, the newest of my little adventures -
Wood Cut Owls
The Owls were rolled with high quality printers ink and detail was drawn in with my usual Indian Ink.
A merry addition to the Creative Fox Home Range
Previewed at the OT


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