Friday 18 May 2012

I'd rather kiss a corgi!

Is it treason or unpatriotic to say?

"I'm bored to all this Jubilee and Olympics stuff"

And by stuff I mean tat, paraphernalia, junk and mass propaganda

I'll wish HRH a lovely celebration ON THE DAY but do I really require to have everything in sight in the supermarket labelled with a union jack and they can't all be official sponsors of the games.

I get it, people are happy about their heritage ( the days off work) their pride in their National athletes and their general good will for all Britain kind to earn a quick quid out of every UK enthusiast from another country


Raise your standards people!

Who buys union jack washing powder to match their union jack tea towel to go with their union jack dress which compliments their union jack peg bag.... Seriously

AND I’d rather kiss a corgi than buy anything promoting Great Britain which is made in Asia.

Rant over and out!

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