Thursday 21 June 2012

Fox Rising

The Fox - My animal, my demon if you like.

My affinity to this animal is less about its connection to another, for instance I have a friend who has faith that whenever a butterfly appears it is the presence of  lost loved one. Nor do I believe, like another friend, that my features resemble my animal ( that being an old teacher who was the opitamy of  an Afghan Wolf Hound)
No, I more believe in the attributes and personalities of the common fox are that which appeals to me.
The hungary determination to see and project through, I admire the cat like slink that makes the fox adaptable and flexible. The wildly domestic nature of the creature to create something sustainable  to live off from the discarded offerings of others.

To the native British Fox, I salut you, majestically wily and rigorously curious I hope to forever think of myself as a counterpart to your name.

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