Thursday 31 January 2013

What Would David Hockney do?

I've been thinking that in making creative decisions you can sometimes stand in your own way, second guess yourself and generally block your own creative flow.

Classic example:-
For some time now I've been trying to get together some classic portrait poses to use as references for a new exhibition. I was very good in motivating myself to go to the National Portrait Gallery and look at their offerings, even the new Kate Middleton ( not quite my cuppa). I've even got a significant collection of sprawling drawings from a life drawing class to inspire from the safety of my home environment and yet. Not a jot, not a mark, not a stumble for the ink pot, as yet.
And it's because as soon as I've thought of a starting point I can think of 12 pictures painted like that before. Effortlessly portraying all they want to say in delicate brush strokes and competition is scary.

So the idea, take the responsibility away from myself. Any difficult decisions to make I ask myself


Probably put on a flat cap and doodle on the iPad (as a recently watched him do on an episode of County file*)

He's my motivational icon
My guidance Guru

And he speaks to me like an owl who lives on my shoulder.

*Must just clarify I do not actually watch County File, it was just on in a freak entertainment drought. Whilst the bit on Hockney was interesting, I will not do it again.

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