Wednesday 6 February 2013

Only More Never Less

A couple of weeks ago, maybe even a couple of months ago, I was being nosey on Twitter. Clicking on various links, which took me to artists' pages and then clicking on their links to other websites and blogs. This sort of activity generally leads me to some haphazard site promoting African knitting and wondering yet again why I have a set of needles but no urge to learn. I digress, on this happy occasion my bumbling through the Internet came up trumps and I came across this video.

Only More Never Less is Glasgow born designer and illustrator Stewart Scott-Curran. His appearance at Creative Mornings Atlanta concentrates on his rise to his current position as an Art Director with CNN Digital (Atlanta). His address to the room is particularly interesting because he explains his slightly bumpy path to doing the job he loves and how he has been influenced by various life lessons. His natural flair for speaking and his wicked accent helps too.

So check it out

And go stumbling round the Internet, it pays off, sometimes.

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