Friday 8 March 2013

Creative Coco Take Over

I've donated my blog to my fundraising clown counter part

Who's crazy idea was this!

I have never done anything for charity, nothing that has me out of breath and in clown clothes anyway.

This fundraising adventure is a nod to all those great people who work at Refuge and take their time every week to support victims of Domestic Abuse. I can give a week right? A week that reflects women in some really dire situations having to cover up, hide and wear a mask to the world, to make believe life is really all ok.

We've all put on a brave face on when the going gets tough, papered over the cracks - well this is a 23 hour tipping of the hat to those struggling at the moment.

So the plan, on Saturday 20th April I will be donning the Creative Coco uniform and for seven days ( with only ONE hour a day clown free). I'll be shopping, working, washing, sleeping, doing the school run and everything my daily life involves!

Not sounding so easy now hey?

At the end of my red nosed,wig wearing week I'll be taking part in the Richmond 5k on Saturday 27th April ( YES, as a clown!)

And when my feet drag over the line I'll hope my efforts will be rewarded by some pennies for this fabulous charity- Refuge.

If you have no pennies spare give me a wave as I train for the race or send in your photos of the clown to my Facebook page Facebook/thecreativefox

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant can't wait to see the photo's, great idea and great cause.

    Pennies will be sent :-)