Wednesday 13 March 2013

Sophie's Tip Number 1

Now, before you go wondering what Degree in Running this here Sophie has or just what K or miles or even years she has put in to having such a high profile slot as Running Expert on my wee little blog well

A, She's been running for a while now, 7 years or more

B, She's no expert

C, But she's an expert on me, she's my Best Friend

and for this sort challenge a girl needs her best mate around her.

So Sophies Tip for me Last week was...


Which sounds easy enough, right, just one step in front of another, just keep going, keep swimming but my oh my do you notice when you have been going too fast.

When you look up on the net ways to figure out your pace, they suggest apps, fancy watches, doing mile trials? and other mannor of things that make my head hurt. 

So I went for the easiest option, I'd like to think I invented it, put 3 minute songs on the old MP3 with different rhythms, run for 3 rest for 3. Then you can see which makes you run so your not out of breath - demanding a snack break but also not being overtaken by ramble ready OAP's.

It worked for me

I'm more of a Nina Simone, Beautiful South, Bruce Springsteen kinda girl


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