Friday 26 April 2013

Day 6 -Creative COCO Challenge

Day 6

Not this again

My face is in protest, it can't quite understand why someone would go from occasional mascara to a full face in one week, FOR A WEEK. It's scared that I might make it do this forever, it doesn't like the nights. This morning my face tingled when I put on the white around my mouth and was like little bee stings on the delicate skin on my eyes. It was finally terrorised by two doses of Talc (puffed onto my face through a sock) and it groaned . I could hear it groan of "what another day of this s***" So, I'm sorry face, it's two more sleeps and then night times are yours again. Just keep with me, don't flake off and I will reward you with a vat of moisturiser.

The sun bleeding through the curtains this morning made the choice of clothing fairly difficult my third outfit is pretty thick and well, sweaty face is an issue and also I was set to attend the gym so changing in and out of a jumpsuit was going to be an ordeal. I fashioned together a variety of clown shaped gym wear and thought lets do this all day. Short shorts and legs out generally makes me look like a lollipop and shouldn't be seen by anyone outside the gym but needs must and comedy was the general aim. The gym was way busier that I had expected and the instructors were very kind and accommodating. After I signed my waver that although I'm fool enough to train in size 16 shoes I would promise not to fall over and hurt myself, errmm ok! The other gym people were serious, hardcore, weight pumping, machine pounding athletes who were not going to be distracted (I did try) . I just did what I normally do at the gym, run for a bit, bike for a bike, lift the lowest weights and call it a workout. I don't see what all the fuss is about. JOKE

My next great decision was to go shopping and I actually got recognised, luckily it wasn't when I tried to do a trolley slide. Two lovely ladies shrieked as I rounded the pasta aisle corner. "Ooh, I saw you in the paper" They were really great about the challenge and wanted to know all about REFUGE.

The driving force behind all this being the great people working at REFUGE and their dedication to combat Domestic Abuse and protect anyone who needs their help, it has been so encouraging to see people take the information in.

I have to say getting to the end of this warm, sunny day still in my ridiculous gym wear I will be so glad when this is all over. For me I feel it has been a successful project and I'm really hoping the race goes by in the blink of an eye. I'm sure I won't be taking clowning up as a second living, even if I could juggle.

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