Friday 26 April 2013

Day 7 - Creative COCO Challenge.

Day 7

When you consider you're going to spend a week as a clown you know there are certain situations you have to document and going into the woods is definitely one of them. We took a camera and and video camera and wandered around the woods, met some startled dog walkers and a few startled dogs. They really didn't like my outfit. We climbed trees and looked lost and eerie. To be honest I've never really understood the fear of clowns, I've talked about it with a few strangers this week and most people know a husband, sister, distant relative or friend who is petrified. Maybe a bad experience at a circus once with an over familiar sort? Who knows. I like jolly looking people, I grant you changing a clowns face to a scary teeth baring zombie monster is fairly easy but in generally brightly dressed overly made up people are fun! I think I might have talked myself out of my own argument there.

Once the wood looked ready for a down pour I set off for my second appointment of the week to a radio station, Radio WEY, the instructions said a brown hut in the middle of St Peters Hospital and that's just what I got. It's all run by volunteers so you can imagine lots of enthusiasm for a clown visit. The actual interview was really good, much more in depth than the rushed morning slot of the slightly bigger station. I sat and chatted on air for about 20mins and really got a chance to talk about why I decided to do this, how it's been going and who are REFUGE? I didn't realise I knew so much. Soon my time was up and after some excitable photos (during songs) I dragged my large feet up the road to the car park.

Driving this week has been interesting, I do a lot of rushing so in the car is not really my thinking time ( noise from the back, did I bring the .... That sort of thing) today when struck in traffic I realised how utterly ridiculous I must look. I drove up to the lights and the car next to me was filled with teenagers. The look on their faces as I honked my nose and did a little salut was priceless, open mouthed I left them and drove home.

My last activity of today and the one my kids were really not looking forward to was swimming lessons. The sheer embarrassment of sitting next to a clown for half an hour whilst being openly observed was too much for them. "Please mummy, don't go out like that, not to swimming" sorry kids. I hadn't done my usual ring ahead to the leisure centre so I wasn't sure what response I would get. Some kids waved, some parents nudged their kids but mainly nothing! I know if the roles were reversed I'd be well up there saying hello. Could be the fear again or maybe worried I'm doing some sort of invisible theatre.

So day 7 done, I was so happy we went out for dinner. The clown ate Chinese food and partied on down with the family. No one bothered us even when I had a jelly related mishap. Nothing, so I think the news is out - theirs a clown around town, don't talk to her she'll steal your left shoe and ask for a pound.

It's all nonsense, I prefer the right ones!

So sleep, last sleep as a clown, YES, it's an amazing feeling to know this is my last night doing this. The race tomorrow, is it wrong to say I haven't really thought about it this week. I know I'll be nervous in the morning but for now switch off time.

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