Tuesday 23 April 2013

Day Three- Creative COCO Challenge

Day Three

Get this wig off

Now for this occasion I have chosen a red nylon or some sort of acrylic wig, bought after Halloween for 50p, spent two years in a dress up box and then found under the sofa. So, you can see the quality of the item I am wearing for hours everyday. It's wild, matted and unbelievably itchy. I think I majorly underestimated the value of quality wig. At night when I rip it off to change for my wooly nightcap I practically stamp on it with glee

Today I had to meet a cameraman from Get Surrey who wanted to do an interview to camera and some footage. All sounded very impressive, what I imagined was a film crew with directors chairs and a sound mic runner. Trailer, trailer, where is my trailer? What I got was a pleasant thin man with a tripod and tiny camera from a dolls house. RUDE. Once I got over myself we had a lovely chat and got to work shopping as a clown with him following me. What would a clown buy I asked myself, chocolate biscuits and everything with a red nose I decided, monster munch, tomatoes, raspberries, Maltesers and a bottle of Sherry. What ? No Sherry! The filming apparently went pretty well and I even heard a couple of chuckles from behind the camera. The poor staff and customers didn't quite know what to do with themselves. Very funny.

Running! That's what I'm doing at the end of the week.......arrggghhh. That came around fast. I'm not very good at it , that's generally what I've figured out in 8 weeks of training. Plenty of heart just not any real technique. It will be interesting to see how the real runners on Saturday respond to the clown faced woman shuffling to the end.

My first school run as a clown today, I thought I wasn't going to get out of the car I was so nervous. These are people I have known for five years but many of them, well about 90% I do not know. Who has really got the time to talk to people it's just dash to the next club, group, meal in the oven, birthday party or god forbid actually trying to get some work done. Don't get me wrong I have made one of my best friends at the school gate and without her the daily drudgery would be too difficult to bear. But the rest of the small talk and mingling I find really hard. So , being a clown, would it make it better or worse? Well, less people stood next to me but more people smiled. Got a few quid for the cause and had a few enquires. Apparently wearing a costume does help.

Wonder what they will think of pirates? I could keep it going all year.*

P.S no idea displayed here is a binding contract* , Sharon reserves the right to make fun of herself often.

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