Monday 22 April 2013

Day Two - Creative COCO

Day Two


So sleeping in 24 hair grips and a days worth of face paint and clown make up is not a good idea, who knew! When I woke up in the morning, once I peeled my eyes open I thought two things
1. Wow my pillow has survived the night and
2. Must not look in the mirror before tea. Ah tea the elixir of life!

So, once the life giving liquid was down and various people had laughed at my 'look' I was so ready for my one hour off. If you are new to all this i'll be taking one hour off, sans make up and costume, everyday to regenerate my will to keep going and reinvigorate my skin. Without makeup I did feel instantly better. It even made me look at my face with a positive outlook- you know if it wasn't for the dark circles, ski slope nose and freckles! Me and my face went for a bath,wash and wander round the house and altogether I regained my composure.

This time, armed with yesterday's knowledge. I went for a firmly fixed make up application. In between stages, white first, then red, then black I powdered (with talc) to imprint that smile firmly on my face . It's not really a pleasant thing to powder your face, wouldn't do it ordinarily but it really did work. I lasted all the way to 4pm before reapplying.

So, today's planned event was a children's birthday party, my soon to be Godson's actually, very excited to be going along. Interested to see children's reactions, particular those who already knew me pre COCO. It was all going very well until I was asked to PERFORM, now just so we all know I am no performer the clown is a costume for charity not a chance to try out a new career. I let out a nervous giggle and said ok, I happen to have my juggling balls with me- like you do, and I stood and did rubbish juggling. WOW what a let down on their little faces. Unbeknown to me I had developed a little crowd of other unrelated kids to embarrass with my crap act. Thankfully I was pulled out of there before they started to pelt me with left of cold chips. PHEW!
Note to self avoid kids whilst pretending to be a clown.

The rest of the day was built with going to places and seeing people's reactions, shopping, make up and perfume shops, walking down the street. I had my first "holy s***" reaction which I had an evil chuckle at. The best was sat in the car in a car park eating a sandwich and waiting for the next bright idea to come along when about seven cars all drove passed and I managed to get a horrified look from all of them. There you go drivers, drive too fast - a clown will come for you...after she's finished her tuna sandwich.

Finally as the sun set and the world was getting ready for bed I sat, watched a movie and completely forgot I was dressed as a clown. Even the big shoes didn't remind me. They say your brain can only take so much before it switches off I think I had hit my multicoloured saturation level.

Goodnight scared drivers, goodnight party people, goodnight all those who can't switch off

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