Sunday 28 April 2013

Last Few Hours as a Clown

Someone asked me this week what have you learnt with this whole clown thing, so I thought I'd tell you

1, My kids need to see my face everyday, they need to be able to have a kiss goodnight and when they hurt themselves, when they are worried and when the world isn't going their way.

2, A 5k run is a lot harder than I thought- obvious I know but I really hadn't planned to be that out of breath and red faced

3, If you need to wear clown make up all day you must use talc to set it, the first day of unset make up was rubbish - re checking and checking all day long

4, Always arrive last, being the first one there dressed as a clown your options are few- wait in the car and look like a nut or wait on a bench and look like a nut.

5, People will yell things, don't expect everyone to get it, even if you explain, and their way of telling you might be to yell things. NICE

6, Take a tissue with you , snotting into your nose is not an option - if you tip your head back at any given moment it will drip down.

7, If you make a promise don't break it, washing my make up off, wriggling into my jeans in a sneaky moment alone was not an option - no one would know but me but its still cheating

8, Be prepared, always carry your donations bucket with you just in case saying sorry I left it in the car will probably mean they won't give anything.

9, Even dressed as a clown I have limited confidence, I would never ask anyone for money in real life so shaking my pot was really hard. I preferred the low key stand and look like I was having fun option.

10, Once you complete everything will make you emotional, the looks on people's faces, kind texts from well wishes, encouragement from race officials, drinking tea not through a straw and going to bed without hair pins in your head.

So yes I have learnt so much, a little about clowns, about fundraising, about friends and a lot about myself.

It wasn't easy but I was really glad I did it and really pleased I don't have to do it again.


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