Friday 30 August 2013

Central Saint Martins - Day Two -Editorial

So, you have heard about the first day and my aims for the course, of how I went home to practice. Today, day two, was all about illustration for editorial work. We watched some videos, heard from real full time illustrators and listened enraptured to demonstrations. 

The project- take a newspaper story and illustrate an image to communicate the essence of the story and make people want to read it. 

First stage was to supply the Art Director (tutor) with a rough of the idea, to be used as a contract of the components of the picture. Just a pencil drawing but with all the elements that will appear in the illustration. My tutor explained it as if you have drawn a cow in your rough to can't change it for a pig. 

My story-Rise of the artisan bakers in a high street revolution. 

I thought of a comparison illustration, sort of bread graph with the artisan buns towering above the sliced bread. Also, the article mentioned a bun revolution and I found the idea of a bun army, crumbly warriors. So the three roughs I offered the editor were a graph, my simple bun army or a group of bun scouts on route to success mountain. 

As you can see the editor went for the bun army, loving the original pencil drawing which I used as a base for the characters. 
Each flour solider was made with layers of pencil lines and splodges of water colour. With the original idea being so simple I was so happy with the results. I managed to complete the task in under a day and I really enjoyed matching personality with colour. Great fun

What's next.

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