Sunday 18 August 2013

Eureka moment

So, I dedicated to some time to my up and coming exhibition, you know the drill millions of squiggly thoughts and at the no real drawings stage. Well, I thought lets just sit and draw, give it time. My sketchbook is now full of more ideas and some off topic incomplete drawings. 

Then I get it, the big idea, something I've always drawn when not knowing what to draw. Research, witty tag lines and collection of four subjects decided upon - I start to produce one of the most god awful pictures I have ever drawn, seriously. 
All the elements are there, I chose the hardest subjet so I could tackle it with the most energy. The more I drew the less I liked it. Hardcore non paper waster as I am I had to finish it, four hours later, still rubbish. 
There it's sits, looking at me, taughting me with its garish colours, shoddy layout and lettering I'm sure I did just as badly at GCSE stage. Even with a nights sleep I have to admit defeat. 

As I mourn my lost time, try and rethink the whole concept and generally pick away at myself I think just leave it! Not right circumstances.

I get home, from my designated drawing break, whip open the pad of paper and draw one of the best drawings I have ever mustered. Where the hell did that come from? Just a squiggle in my sketchbook, that made me laugh to follow and one hour later a full colour A2 picture. 

Another six hours later I have another beaut of a drawing and my confidence back. At half two I didn't enjoy the choice to hand draw individual sequins but this morning it looks great.

What do you do when you get it wrong? Bin it and keep going? I'd love to know.

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