Thursday 5 June 2014

Back in the Day - Age 17

Don't worry I wont be showing you a photo of what I looked like age 17 just what I was up to. 
I was one of those suspiciously together art students who knew what they wanted to be, their direction if you like. I loved my art college, it was the best two years of painting, printing and investigating every material I could get my hands on. By the second year I had streamlined the course to my chosen goal, set design, not illustration you say? Well no, that came later. Since age 12 (scary kid) I knew I wanted to be an artist in theatre and I was convinced age 16 that Set Design was for me. So this was my first ever, ambitious/overly complicated, set design. I made every 1:25 scale pipe, book, textiles and detail myself - no model making shop in sight (I was a stubborn little so and so as well)
So that was me aged 17..........

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  1. Brilliant. See your mum finally convinced you to take it !