Thursday 18 December 2014

A to Z

Lo The A to Z
Of Unrequited Love

I started this project many many moons ago. When I was visiting my Parents in the pride lands, as in up north, and inspiration struck mid sentence. 

For a long old while it stayed in the sketchbook and was joined by a series of letters. Of course I had completely worked out all the images (Apart from H, M and Z which are hard)

During the merry month of November I decided i'd release them to my follows on social media as a little Christmas countdown - 25 days, 26 letters GENIUS. 

You lot didn’t get them because although I had done A and B oh and X and Y I hadn’t fully completed any of the others. 

Any who I went on with my plan regardless and quickly every night (or every morning) I edited and created a new image for that day. Some would say what madness! Why not get fully prepared or wait for New Year but Meh - I do love a challenge.

 To see the full set have a look at my Facebook Page
Or wait for me to have a minute to upload them here

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