Wednesday 10 August 2016

Hans Christian Andersen Poster work

July was all-full of this Hans Christian Andersen themed poster design I did for a theatre company about to do a production called Timeless Tales. After a few different roughs the clients went for the characters from the stories reading in a row. I really enjoyed putting this together and my sketchbook was full of different ugly ducklings and tin soldiers. 

So a bit of process for you, I drew and re drew the characters and resized them to look good next to one another and then with my light box drew them again. I've been mainly keeping away from my favourite ink at the moment and working with my new set of Inktense pencils - which are fabulous by the way.
Then with the outline to keep the shape I worked on the colour ways - trying to keep a jolly palette and using some pattern to add depth. The eyeless splodges do look a bit creepy but it meant I could alter everything to the last moment.

Got to love that ugly duckling, Quack!

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