Wednesday 26 October 2016


So, we are nearly at the end of October or should I call it #inktober. It's the first time I've really joined in and on the whole I've really enjoyed using a list of prompts and ink as my warm up morning exercises.

It's so great to see other peoples work appearing daily too. As a big fan of Instagram it's a great accessible way to meet new inspiring artists or just watch the masters at work.

Here's a few names who have been doing some really great ink work
@doodleyboo AKA Becky Cameron- Awesome lively kidlit artwork and champion of the facial expression
@jeffreyalanlove AKA Jeffrey Alan Love- Fantasy art and all round bible of inking knowledge -check out the videos.
@zehrahicks -Children's book illustrator and collage, print enthusiast - her inks are simple and so effective.

The full Album of daily doodles are together in a file on my Facebook page if you are curious 








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