Sunday 21 August 2011

Night Owl or Early Bird

In mornings such as these I can never tell if I'm a Night Owl or an Early Bird.

I'd like to say, I awake to the day with a spring in my step, alive with the knowlede of what to do first - but alas no.

Each morning can feel like a struggle to cope with the blistering sunlight and the deranged dam birds (not my ones). The evil little blighters who sit outside my window and make sure I'm awake.

To be honest I think my Dad sent them so he doesn't have to shout from his northern mountain every morning
"Ah Yer up yet!!!" Many a morning was spent with one leg out of bed stomping and proclaiming "YES, I'M JUST DOING MY BAG"

Sorry Dad, No amount of life lessons will shake the wearly sleep from my eyes - I am not a morning person.

But Night Owl, well this might be a catogory for me. Coming into full action at about 11am and working away until the wee early hours.

I generally do some of my best work whilst on a deadline and hysterical with lack of sleep. But really after a few days of post midnight bedtime I'm not fit for purpose and i'm more likely to paint my hand than create a masterpeice. The next day is ruined until 3pm and then still i'm drawn towards sugary foods and making no sense.

So I conclude, I work best between the hours of 11am and 7pm, with the odd midnight madness to help me feel slightly edgy.

So New Catogory - What shall we call it?

Daytime Flamingo???

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