Friday 26 August 2011

You'll buy anything in a Sale

I went for the journey,the rolling hills, the culture, the castle, the tiddly beach huts in a row, the lifeboat, the churches and in the end THE SHOPS.
I went to Norfolk - to Norwich specifically where I could have spent hours taking photos of the culturally stimulating surroundings or I could look at the many and I mean MANY shops.
I, like the next person, like a good shop, bit partial to the old Paperchase but my heart lies with the little independents. Which to my great relief there were plenty.
Vintage shops, craft shops, felt shops (yes just felt!), handmade shoe shops, sculpture houses.............
Shops that specialised in loose tea or only 1960's rockabilly wear, Hat shops with red top hats and original boaters...........
And, and, and...........
I felt dizzy with excitement

And what's more, there was a SALE ON!!!! 

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