Thursday 1 December 2011

Seriously Sizzling SALES

My four that have found hew homes from the Keystone Pub
It's such a lovely little venue with soft squishy sofas and a winter warmers menu. I'd like to hang out all day but I leave it to the happy shoppers who have been buying my art, big thank you!!

This little one was set to travel to the exhibition and it was snapped up by a watchful Facebook customer who caught it on it's debut from the sketchbook. You might not have been on show for all that long but you did make a lasting impression on the viewers "Lucky Star Girl" I have been inundated with request for a follow up, so thinking caps on for a new star inspired thinker.

Images from my exhibition, still on until 16th Dec and well worth a look at all the faces. Cheeky bit of 100% original cake being eaten at the opening night in the top left too. 100% foxy recipe with some extra special giant portions makes for a good night.

And if you see something you like get in touch because when it's a 100% original it only has to be sold once to be gone, gone, gone...

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