Thursday 11 July 2013

Away, away, for my friends

If you had peered through my windows in the last few weeks you might have found me in a state of fur, fabric and frazzle.

It's been a hectic time but all my projects from the day job, freelance and commissions are winding down for the summer holidays. 

But in true wild style, that always happens this time of year, I've had a few things to do for my friends and fox cubs. 

Don't get me wrong I would walk through fire for my closest friends and if you have found yourself on the list you had only need ask for my painting/ sewing/ crafting skills to be at your disposal.

So, peeking though the view finder you would have seen this, me sat sewing with a broad smile on my face moments away from falling asleep on the machine.

Cheers to sunny times, to celebrations and sand castle building (and getting back to drawing too)

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