Tuesday 22 April 2014

Forgotten Today I Feel Like... Exhibition

How did I forget to upload these?
I think I might have had some sort of blog/brain misfunction late last year where I truly forgot to upload so much work.

So in September I did a little exhibition titled Today I feel like ...
The idea was to try and illustrate the smilies and phrases people use to describe the way they feel or what they would like in that one day.

I had just been on my enhanced course at CSM and I was excited to challenge my representational skills (if that is even a thing) 

It's A Bad Hare Day

A Zombie

I'm Pulled In A Million Directions

A Big Bear Hug

I've Kissed Too Many Frogs

I Always Put My Big Foot In It

I've A Head Full Of Ideas

An Old Oak Tree

The Weight Of The World's On Me
 All of the images were produced with coloured inks onto cartridge paper and some were A2 in size. The photos were taken in a bit of a hurry as I had just finished all the works and was perparing to wrap them up for my display. Nothing like a bit of last minute madness to keep you on your toes, eh?

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