Wednesday 23 April 2014

Ruby Slippers and Their Friends

In the exhibition I had a wall dedicated to shoes

Everyone loves shoes and there are a few shoes which tell a tale or two...

I concentrated on the magical Ruby slippers of The Wizard of Oz, the groovy platforms Dr Franken Furter dominates The Rocky Horror Picture Show with and the Glass slippers of Cinderella.

Sort of the ones we all could do a bit of struting about in (hairbrush microphone is optional)

I exhibited these enormous beauties in handmade oak fames and the inks looked lovely, so lovely two of the originals sold in the first week.

Luckily I had managed to organise a selection of A3 prints. I have to say the prints came out way better than I had imagined ,being a newbie to all printer artwork I was a little nervous. 

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