Tuesday 8 February 2011

Just trying

I am sitting in the middle of my mess.

Full of post, emails, tissues, paper, discarded drawings and I have inky fingers. I need to get out of the house but the throbbing in my head won't let me. It's to early to be tidying - not that there is a good time of day for housework but i can always find a way out of it. My latest is listening to music and drinking tea and looking over my sketchbooks. Thankfully I keep them small or they might begin to take over my desk. I have been drawing for a few months now non stop. Looking back I've got some that I'm really happy about, some that are just too raw to show anyone and some that just don't quite hit the mark. There are the odd ones that I know if I try I'll never be able to draw them up like that again, that smile or that sparkle in the eyes, I'll try of course. The world loves a tryer!

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