Thursday 17 February 2011

That Tipping Feeling

Do you ever get that feeling? Like you are on the edge of a cliff or rollercoaster? and you know you volunteered yourself to be up there in the first place but just then in that moment you would rather take the stairs back down than hurtle forward.

Well that's me today.

I'm up and awake and careering from job to job and seemingly gracefully producing a cake, whilst talking on the phone, managing the day job, a photo shoot and arranging the house into minimal chaos instead of maximum debris. And then that moment comes!

More interest in me and my pictures.
A possible new exhibition.

And I could quite happily say “actually I’m busy right now” but NO I’m taking the leap. Plunging off the cliff, not knowing if it will turn into a rollercoaster at the last minute or a harsh thump of reality.
Self Doubt! Yes but only on a Thursday.

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