Tuesday 8 March 2011

Sneaky Peek

So, a few weeks ago thinking about new things to draw these images of women with tea kept coming into my head. Looking sad, looking bored, looking like they are going to kill the next person who whines "MUUUUMMMM".
Tea is such a comfort to us Women, especially in the winter ,on a cold wet day, in the morning before everyone else is up. Or over a biscuit and a chat.

It's good for stress, shock and awkward pauses in conversations. And I for one am a firm believer in a nice cup of tea solves a lot.
Watching people, everyone drinks it so differently. I have one friend who you barely wave the tea bag over the water and that's strong enough for her, one who if you can't stand the spoon up in it it's not good. One sugar, no sugar, five sugars, no milk, Yes, NO MILK!

Everyone holds the cup differently too. Some use it as a hot water bottle, holding onto the cup long after they have drained the tea.

And so I wanted to observe and record this information with a view to draw from the pictures and although my wonderful friends are not generally a photo happy bunch they let me take a few snaps of their hands. On Friday I got a willing model and photographer together to act out and record the poses and gestures for my research. It was loads of fun telling them what I was looking for, get the situation, lighting, hair, make up, clothes right.

So that is why and early teaser photos look good. I'll be building up a sketch book soon and on to drawing straight after exhibit 1 has gone up. I am enormously grateful to all who helped and hopefully the results will be something every tea lover can relate to.

and now I'm off for a cuppa.
x Foxy

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