Wednesday 28 December 2011

To Create for Toddlers

During the run up to Christmas I always consider making everyone gifts, from soap to homemade fudge every year I see recipes and instructions for natty little treats I know someone, somewhere will love. And thankfully every year I talk myself out of it! Whilst I'm sure the recipients of my homemade peppermint creams will sigh oh no there are always a certain group of people I cannot resist creating for. The Toddlers!

Over the years I've made tool belt aprons, capes, hobby horses, wall tidy shaped like a map, letters of their name and all sorts of soft toys. For this purpose alone the creative process of what these little creatures would like next gets me excited about present giving.

This year, I decided on dog houses for the two animal crazy members of my large real and social family. With their initials, names and the logo of their Animal Rescue Centre they can enjoy putting in, taking out and generally the telling off of something that is smaller than them.

Priceless, in fact I might make one for myself, the cat will always ignore me but a stuffed dog has to do as I ask, right?

And for one very special little lady who cannot be called a toddler I have created her own grown up jewellery box, complete with internal pink walls and scenes of some of her favourite stories. Some gifts choose the owner not the other way around.


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