Monday 13 January 2014

Black Sabbath Progress and New Scanner

So, I started work on my Black Sabbath entry for Secret 7".

I sketched what sort of image I was going for and had drawn a number of ink shapes and details that I knew I wanted to include. This project for me is all about experimenting with the way that I work and looking at what I was taught on my little course at Central Saint Martins in the Summer. I have often got caught up with creating artwork for exhibitions, to keep and have around forever but editorial sure doesn't work like that and most of the time doing that one little thing wrong or catching your arm in the ink is kinda a major catastrophe. 
This way of working offers you freedom in one repect with lovely hand drawn elements and the only major downer is you have nothing to show for it but a print/digital image. The competition requires digital images only so for this it's perfect.

As you can see the desk for the computer is minute (but if I had more room I'd only fill it anyway)


So if you fancy giving me some feed back on this you are more than welcome to comment via hereTwitter or Facebook.

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