Friday 24 January 2014

Lorde Secret 7"

I've been a bit slack with the whole Secret 7" plan but luckily I had an epifany with two of the songs last night.


I know!

but I'm mean so I'm only showing you them one at a time.

Lorde's track TEAM has her usual etherial quality and an awesome beat.

The song took me in many directions but I tried to concentrate on these lyrics

"we live in cities, you'll never see on screens,
Not very pretty but we sure know how to run things" 

So I thought Lilly Pads, Bear with me, Communities, Insect communities


The wild thoughts of a creative type are not something you can explain with out pictures so here goes...

 I used the lilly pads and lillies that I sketched. Back to pencil ,which I have certainly missed.

My first thought would be to use these images of run down buildings growing from the centre of each of the flowers. Like they are thrusting towards the light but in reality the buildings overwhelmed the flower and after a bit of considering (hours) I decided to ditch them but keep the pylons and the wires. 

 This image I had in my sketch book when I was tring to creating the feeling of flying. It seemed to fit really well in the scene and a little nod to the queen bee herself. 

I'm really happy with this image. I've suprised myself with this project on how varied my style has been stretched with the different subjects.

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