Friday 7 February 2014

T -REX Secret 7"

As a kid I heard this song a lot, I never understood the references so made up my own story of a robot in love with the moon. I mean why wouldn’t a robot love the moon, she's the best.

I loved illustrating this one and the process being so like my other EP artwork still managed to come out really different.

Doing this project I’m not sure if a developed a new style but the use of digital imagery, which was what the brief really called for, made for a different process. I enjoyed scanning in my work and changing it to evoke the emotions I feel whilst listening to the music. Some songs were easier than others but most I would hang on my wall and be proud to have in my illustration portfolio.

I’m hoping to incorporate a range of genres in my portfolio; I’ll keep you informed to how it’s coming together. 

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