Friday 12 September 2014

Artist Commisions

I was asked a little while ago if I still create commissions and I do, I really do.

Commissions are an exciting part of art making, figuring out what the customer wants, how to best approach the subject matter and stay honest to your own style. 

Once given the subject I like to get as much information from about the topic as possible. If they are people or animals a photo is great. Sometimes a description from the customer is a good start, if they want a jolly looking man with floppily handsome hair and jutting out elbows that certainly says more than a photo. Next to talk about the style of image, black and white, edgy, graphic, romantic, traditional, having these things in mind can help to avoid multiple redraws. 

I like to explain the process; it’s a collaboration after all, the initial sketch, any wording (hand drawn), use of particular colours and deadline. Size of image and paper size is something else I like to nail down at the beginning. Oh Yes and Money, no creative types like to talk about but it’s a necessary evil.

Once the sketch is accepted and all the snags and additional details have been finalised I’ll send through expected delivery date and details of where it doing, ideas of mounting, hanging that sort of thing and another more concrete sketch.

A final photo of the completed artwork will be accompanied by the terms of use and declaration, although I have no intention to replicate, the image copyright stays with me and the sole transaction for the image means sole use. (No shifty scanning it in and adding it to a shop window without consent)

So, all in all the process can last from 6 days to 6 weeks depending on schedule and changes. I’m always interested in ideas; if I’m unsure of the direction I’ll supply a few different variations. Once bought it is an original Creative Fox that no one else will have. 

Commissions are perfect gifts for those special or unorthodox occasions -weddings, civil partnerships, and death of a family animal, Big Birthday or just for the person who has everything.

So I do still do commissions, I do.

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