Thursday 17 March 2011

Get by with a little help

Well I'm in, up and ready to sell.
Looking at the space I wanted to use all the possible positions for my little birds, even the space in between the windows, the windowsill, propped up by the door and the larger framed ones mounted onto rods on the biggest wall. I also had room for a washing line of small originals, backed onto boards to give people the flexibility of using their own frames. All in I think I created some quirky clusters of work. Almost like a house of Fox rather than an austere gallery space.

But of course as it always happens they need to be some last minute adjustments. String I here you say, oh yes and scissors, a hole punch and the items from a lush recycling box and the preloved paper bunting was formed. Next just the matter of a mini cardboard suitcase for my miniatures - no problem, an old box, marker pen and brown gum tape ( Yuck, don't lick it) and done. Mini display for mini art!

I'd just like to say thank you for those who have shown an interest, rung me back, pulled me out from a mountain of frames, shopped with me, held a wobbly ladder and pressed the I like button. Thanks.
It's taken me 8 months to get to this stage and I'm very happy. Today I showed my most precious people round my work and they were more than a little impressed. They even recognised a few faces amongst the feathers and beaks.
I'm thrilled to say after the opening of the exhibition last night I have sold one piece already. It's barmy to consider that a person in Richmond may hang my work tonight and I'm honoured to say they saw something they liked.
Most of the time I'm just happy to be doing what I love but today I felt I achieved, a little.
So for those who know me and support me I thank you and for those who I haven't even met yet, welcome to the utterly bonkers world of Foxy x

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